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Q.How can I become a Mega Star level dealer for HBeonLabs ?
Ans.Investment: Rs 10,000
1. HBeonLabs will give 20% commission against each sale to a Mega Star level authorized dealer.
2. HBeonLabs will not charge dealers for any promotional work it does for them.
3. HBeonLabs will introduce an incentive scheme for its dealers, from time to time.
4. HBeonLabs will support dealers in carrying out promotional activities.
5. HBeonLabs will send a certificate confirming the dealership.
6. HBeonLabs will promote its dealers through the HBeonLabs website at no cost to the dealer.
7. HBeonLabs will mention the names of all dealers in mailers being sent to colleges within the same state.

Q.How can I get the Star level of dealership?
Ans.Investment: Rs 5,000
1 Any dealer who signs up for this scheme will be a Star-level dealer of HBeonLabs

2.There is no security deposit.
3. HBeonLabs will send a certificate stating the appointment of the dealership.
4.HBeonLabs will mention name and contact details of all its dealers in all its advertisements, brochures, websites, etc
5.HBeonLabs will mention names of all dealers in letters & mailers being sent to all colleges within the same state.
6.HBeonLabs will pass inquiries from customers to dealers operating from a given state
7.HBeonLabs will pass 15% commission on the MRP of all products manufactured by HBeonLabs
8. HBeonLabs will pass 10% commission on the MRP of all products marketed by HBeonLabs on behalf of other manufacturers

Q.What are the targets?
Ans. If targets are not met in a quarter, then we neither publish Ads, nor pass inquiries unless targets are met in a subsequent quarter. (Amount to be discussed)
They should not be selling similar kits of any other brand (including their own)

Q.If someone orders for Rs 15000 will you extend any discount.?
Ans. No there is no discount if he is not a dealer

Q.How many dealer can be at one location?
Ans. There can not be multiple dealers in one city.

Q.It is the TIN / number required?
Ans. It is not mandatory

Q.Will you extend technical support?
Ans.Yes, we will give technical support and will help in trouble shooting

Q.What is the cost for the trouble shooting ?
Ans.30 per cent of the kit cost plus Rs 50 courier charges plus cost of the new components.

Q.What is the eligibility/ experience required to be dealer?
Ans.Preferably electronics background or office near institutional area.

Q.What is the size of the office required to be a dealer?
Ans.There is no specific size is required.

Q.Can any one operate from the house?
Ans.Yes, he should have a confidence to sell the kit.


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