Our Mission

To make an ecological, eternal and autonomous organization which serves the society, its customers, its peoples and investors for the betterment of mankind. Following is the role of each organ in it: -

  1. Society: - Society is the soil in which the tree of HBeonLabs is sprouted. The tree can be eternal only if it serves the soil of society. If the soil will become infertile then tree will not be able to survive for eternity. If the soil will remain fertile it will be benefited from the fruit of the tree.
  1. Customers: - Customers are the branches of the tree. Branches serve the tree by supporting leaves so that they can make the food for branches and trunk. If the branches will not be able to support the leaves then leaves can't make the food for branches and trunk. Branches are the integral part of the tree.
  1. Peoples: -  Peoples are the leaves of the tree. Leaves serve the tree by making food for its branches and trunk. If the tree has to live for eternity then it has to shelter the leaves to get the continuous supply of food for its surveillance. Similarly leaves have to serve the tree for eternity to take the shelter from it.
  1. Investors: - Investors are the fertilizers for the tree. The fertilizer can increase the growth of the tree and get the fruit from the tree. If the tree will not be able to serve the investors then it will not get more fertilizer required for its growth. Investors can get benefited from the tree by putting fertilizer for it.

This is what we call the law of co-existence of nature. This is well proven by nature for generations from where we have adapted this model to make our organization eternal.

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