Linux Course Content for Embedded, Telecom and General Applications of Linux

Introduction to Linux-(THEORY)

  • What is Linux
  • Why Linux
  • What is open source
  • How it is beneficial for the embedded Industry and also applications
  • How to install linux on your PC

Fundamentals of Linux-(THEORY+PRACTICAL)


  • How to work in Linux Environment for embedded and other applications
  • File System and basic commands in linux- for embedded and general applications
  • How to make and execute shell scripts-this would teach how to gain proficiency in writing carious scripts  to make person an expert is script writing sued for testing/running builds/ and improving programming efficiency- this is much needed for  students who opt not for embedded but general Linux

Sysadmin Issues with Linux- (THEORY+ PRACTICAL)

  • System Administration
  • Administration of a Linux System
  • Command Line Tools for System Administration
  • Text Editors for Linux
  • Text Processing Tools
  • GNU Awk or Gawk
  • Using awk for some administration tasks

Compilation and Build issues Embedded Systems and General Applications (THEORY+ PRACTICAL)

  • What is Makefile and how to use it for compilation for embedded and general application
  • What is tool chain and how to install and use it
  • How to configure and compile the linux kernel and root file system for ARM processor- only for  embedded students
  • What is boot loader and how it helps to boot the linux kernel on ARM processor- only for embedded students
  • How to download and run the Embedded Linux on ARM processor- only fro embedded students

Linux File Systems-(How it connects to Applications and Also Embedded Systems) -(THEORY+PRACTICAL)

  • ext3
  • Mapping  from ext2 to ext3
  • ReiserFS
  • Other File systems
  • Networked File system
  • NTFS under Linux
  • Dual-Boot System
  • Common Internet File System

Linux Device Drivers-(THEORY+PRACTICAL)

  • Basics of  Device Drivers   
  • How to Build and Run Modules   
  • Char and block Drivers   
  • Debugging Techniques   
  • Addressing Concurrency and race situations- inter process communication
  • Timers
  • Memory Issues/DMA
  • Interrupts
  • Network and TTY Drivers

Linux Applications ( Includes Embedded and General Applications using Linux OS) -(THEORY+PRACTICAL)


  • Programming Under Linux
  • Programming Languages and Linux
  • Using Version Control Systems


  • Kernel
  • Applications

Porting & real-time Linux

  • Porting Issues in Linux
  • What is real-time Linux


  • How to Run an Induction motor By Linux
  • How to develop a tcl based  automatic test suit for Linux
  • Trying to write part of word processor by Linux

Linux Security ( For applications Students) -(THEORY+PRACTICAL)

  • Keeping Your Linux System Secure
  • User Account Security
  • Firewalls
  • Netfilter and iptables
  • A Firewall Script
  • Adding Rules and Removing Rules
  • Intrusion Detection with Snort
  • Snort Installation
  • Setting up Snort
  • SnortReport
  • Updating and Adding Snort Rules
  • Looking at Raw Packets with 'tcpdump'
  • Other Options

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