Embedded System Training by Industrial Experts 

The total semiconductor market in India is expected to hit $36.3bn in 2015 with employment projections of 7.8mn in 2015, according to the Indian Semiconductor Association (ISA). A significant portion of this is the embedded and communications market. On the embedded front, we see the emergence of a market in India for retail automation, industrial electronics, consumer electronics, wireless infrastructure, medical products, automotive, etc.

1. Introduction to Embedded C using KEIL compiler

  • Embedded C compiler, linker
  • Building projects, debugging C/ASM/HEX file
Labs: KEIL compiler and debugger

2. Data Types and Constants

  • Data types, Constants, Variables, Header file declaration
  • Signed/Unsigned arithmetic

Labs: 8-bit,16-bit Signed and Unsigned arithmetic

3. Flow Control

  • Control Statements, if, if-else, while, do-while, for & switch-case
  • Creating Delay using Statements
  • I/O Ports Key reading programs

Labs: Switches and Matrix keypad interfaces

4. Functions

  • Calling functions with/without arguments
  • Return mechanisms

Labs: Display devices 7-Segment LED,16x2 LCD interfacing

5. Array, Pointers and structures

  • Writing multiple messages using pointer and arrays
  • Structures in embedded C

Labs: Writing messages in LCD using arrays and pointers

6. Timers and Interrupts

  • Timers and counters functions PWM generation

Labs: Timer Overflow Interrupts PWM generation

7. Serial Communication

  • Communication with PC through RS 232 interface
  • Protocol implementation
  • I2C Communication
  • SPI Communication

Labs: Serial communication using UART

8. Applications of Embedded System

  • RFID based Access Control System
  • GSM based Appliances Control
  • RF link based wireless robot

Labs:  Interfacing RFID module with Microcontroller through serial port and Developing the application of Access Control System for Industry.



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