Embedded System Training by Industrial Experts

The total semiconductor market in India is expected to hit $36.3bn in 2015 with employment projections of 7.8mn in 2015, according to the Indian Semiconductor Association (ISA). A significant portion of this is the embedded and communications market. On the embedded front, we see the emergence of a market in India for retail automation, industrial electronics, consumer electronics, wireless infrastructure, medical products, automotive, etc.

1. Introduction to Embedded C using KEIL compiler

  • Embedded C compiler, linker
  • Building projects, debugging C/ASM/HEX file
Labs: KEIL compiler and debugger

2. Data Types and Constants

  • Data types, Constants, Variables, Header file declaration
  • Signed/Unsigned arithmetic

Labs: 8-bit,16-bit Signed and Unsigned arithmetic

3. Flow Control

  • Control Statements, if, if-else, while, do-while, for & switch-case
  • Creating Delay using Statements
  • I/O Ports Key reading programs

Labs: Switches and Matrix keypad interfaces

4. Functions

  • Calling functions with/without arguments
  • Return mechanisms

Labs: Display devices 7-Segment LED,16x2 LCD interfacing

5. Array, Pointers and structures

  • Writing multiple messages using pointer and arrays
  • Structures in embedded C

Labs: Writing messages in LCD using arrays and pointers

6. Timers and Interrupts

  • Timers and counters functions PWM generation

Labs: Timer Overflow Interrupts PWM generation

7. Serial Communication

  • Communication with PC through RS 232 interface
  • Protocol implementation
  • I2C Communication
  • SPI Communication

Labs: Serial communication using UART

8. Applications of Embedded System

  • RFID based Access Control System
  • GSM based Appliances Control
  • RF link based wireless robot

Labs:  Interfacing RFID module with Microcontroller through serial port and Developing the application of Access Control System for Industry.

Note: You can choose any of your favorite application to do a major project on Embedded System. You can do your final year major project during this embedded system training.

Learn the Embedded System from Industrial Experts (Thaparian having 5+ years of experience in MNCs like Freescale Semiconductor and ST Microelectronics). We believe that you can learn the Embedded by actually working on it not by reading the books/tutorials or by attending the lecture classes only. We provide you the world class atmosphere where you can learn the embedded system by working  on it yourself. We will guide you wherever you will stuck. It will raise your confidence level when you will be working on actual projects on embedded system.

Salient features of the training:

  • Purely practical oriented atmosphere
  • Fully air conditioner lab setup
  • We provide the platform to the students where they can actually apply the theory what they have learnt in Btech/Mtech.
  • Students can do the  programing in Embedded C which is widely used in industry
  • Guidance would be delivered by faculty with years of experience in the Corporate Sector
  • Opportunity to work under Professionals to learn from their experience
  • We emphasis on practical knowledge not only theoretical knowledge
  • Growth is assured of candidate
  • We prepare the students to be industry ready
  • 100% placement record of the students undergone 6 months internship
Fee for Indian Students:

Total Fee: 8000/- with a major project on Embedded System for 6 weeks

                 6000/- with a minor project on Embedded System for 6 weeks

Fee for International Students:

Total Fee: $300 USD with a major project on Embedded System for 6 weeks

                 $200 USD with a minor project on Embedded System for 6 weeks

You can register for the training by filling the registration form online here and depositing 500/- for Indian students and $50 USD for International students as registration fee that will be adjusted in the total fee of the course. The seats  are limited and are served on first come first serve basic as it is very prestigious training.

Please drop us a mail at training@hbeonlabs.com or SMS "Embedded Training" or call us at the following numbers to know more about embedded system training or fill the training form here

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