Advanced Embedded System by the Experts having M. Tech. from IITs and Thapar having 15+ years experience in Industry

The total semiconductor market in India is expected to hit $36.3bn in 2015 with employment projections of 7.8mn in 2015, according to the Indian Semiconductor Association (ISA). A significant portion of this is the embedded and communications market. On the embedded front, we see the emergence of a market in India for retail automation, industrial electronics, consumer electronics, wireless infrastructure, medical products, automotive, etc.

Atmel AVR Programming Course

C Programming Basics

  • C Programming Basics Introduction
  • Splitting similar functionalities into a function
  • Address and Pointers
  • Datatypes
  • Statements
  • Loops
  • Conditional compilation issues(Like #include,#define,#ifdef/#ifndef)
  • Core assembly instructions of ATMEL AVR controller
  • How to write inline assembly for ATMEL AVR controller

Input/output in Embedded Systems

  • What happens when we input data in a processor from external world
  • What happens when we output data to the external world
  • What are the options of inputting and outputting –like ports and memory map
  • An example of washing machine sensors

The Basic Top Level Knowledge we all need to work with Embedded Systems

  • How to write a simple Input & Output program for AVR  Microcontroller?
  • What is a make file for embedded systems- example make file
  • Compiling a small program to switch on LED lights
  • Download the to controller and run it on a real  system
  • Introduction to command line and IDE- the two  approaches to do the compilation/linking etc.
  • Why AVR is a preferred microcontroller in practical life
  • What are the key features of AVR microcontroller
  • How to work with  AVR Controller
  • AVR Controller and Port Details

What are Interrupts for and practical usage

  • What is an Interrupt
  • When to use an interrupt
  • Different  types of Interrupt?
  • Writing an ISR for a key pad interrupt
  • Run your ISR(key pad interrupt)
  • What are delays? Are there libraries for the same
  • Use of delays in generating ringtones


  • How do you define a timer
  • How do I use a timer
  • What a timer could do for me
  • Internals of more complex timers
  • Use a timer to run an event after say 0.5 seconds

Oscillators and Crystals

  • The need for oscillators
  • Internal Oscillator – should we go for  them or not
  • External Oscillator for AVR – what purpose do they serve
  • How do I select an oscillator
  • What are fuse bits fro oscillators

Timer in ATMEL AVR Controller and practical usage

  • Generate 1 Second Delay using Internal Oscillator at 1MHZ

Output Device

  • What is a LCD
  • How do you interface an LCD
  • Are there prewritten libraries for interfacing LCD
  • Print your HBEON on the LCD
  • Use the LCD to display the current operation happening in the card

Analog to Digital Conversion

  • Why do you need ADC conversion
  • How many ADC channels are there is ATMEL AVR controller
  • What does  ADC Resolution mean
  • How to use  the ADC channels
  • A practical application using ADC-like how does a washing machine sense the density of clothes and translates it through a sensor into a digital input to the controller.

Temperature Indicator

  • How to read a temperature sensor
  • How the analog reading gets converted into digital data
  • Try to output the data on the LCD
  • How could we design simple temperature indicator for a AC

How to use Matrix Keypad as Input Device?

  • Matrix Keypad circuit details given
  • How does the keypad work(The matrix concept)
  • How the keys are read from the keypad
  • How a key data could be put on the LCD
  • Analyzing the keypad for a telephone set

Pulse Width Modulation

  • How do we define PWM
  • How is PWM signal generated for having a cycle of 30%/50%  etc.
  • Look at the common inverter and think how DC to AC at 50Hz could be converted

RS232 data communication

  • Underrated RS232
  • RS2323 in ATmega31
  • Write and receive data on RS232
  • This could be a loopback mode write and read.


  • Basic exploration of concepts of TWI

Real Time clock using TWI

  • What is a real time clock
  • How do we keep time by a real time clock
  • Interface of RTC with ATmega
  • Display- date time by real time clock

Real Time OS concepts

  • How does a RTOS work
  • What are processes
  • How are the processes governed( How does the scheduler schedule the processes)
  • How could we write a small RTOS- only theory
  • Why do we need a multi-threaded code


  • Know about EEPROM
  • Where is EEPROM  used
  • How could EEPROM be interfaced with ATMEL AVR Controller
  • Save and get back  data to-from EEPROM using TWI

Internal EEPROM

  • When should an internal EEPROM be used
  • What are the problems with internal EEPROM
  • Write an application using EEPROM/ATMEL AVR controller

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